Handcrafted Surfboards | Made in New Jersey

Rozbern Surf is a New Jersey based surfboard building company owned and operated by John Oppito and Kevin Strickland. We are dedicated to making the highest quality surfboards with a unique, artistic touch. Our goal is to create functional pieces of artwork, combined with progressive shapes that are designed to allow you to have fun surfing, no matter what the conditions on offer. With over 10 years of board building experience, John handcrafts all of our boards from start to finish under one roof.

Born and raised on the sandy beaches of Monmouth County, John developed a fascination for the ocean at a young age. At the age of 17, armed with nothing more than some hand tools, a small shed at his parents house on Rozbern Drive, and a little bit of imagination, John took to the foam of his first board. After endlessly tinkering with a rough shape that almost resembled a surfboard, it was time to glass, sand, and eventually take the board for its maiden voyage. While admittedly it was not his finest work, the feeling of getting to surf something that he built himself was thrilling. After a couple more, the process began to get more refined, and the end result was getting much better. Friends started to ask for boards, then friends of friends, and soon enough strangers, and Rozbern Surf was born.

After graduating from the shed and bouncing around up to Rhode Island for a bit, Rozbern is back in New Jersey and set up at The Heavens.

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